uitnodiging tentoonstelling

Felieke van der Leest deltar på utstillinga Multiple 66 i Belgia

Utstillinga opnar 8. februar og står til 8. mars 2018
"4 Jewellery designers, Herman Hermsen (NL), Tim Carson (UK), Felieke van der Leest (NL/NO), and Peter Vermandere (B) exchanged different materials and gave each other an assignment. This results in an exhibition that primarily looks like the contents of a cabinet of curiosities but when you look carefully it appears to be a very diverse collection of jewellery."

nettside er http://www.pauwelsspaenjers.eu/

Harding Puls   -   post@hardingpuls.no

Harding Puls   -   post@hardingpuls.no